Wednesday, 21 January 2009

On the Politeness

I don’t know if it is the sign of the times or if this is the product of our never ending greed, but we have become estranged and disconnected from the people around us.

The other day I was going into my building when a couple followed me in. I thought I was being polite by asking if I could help them, but they just gave me a look and replied that they too leave in the building. They followed me into the lift. I should have kept my mouth shut after the introduction at the door, but I asked anyway what floor they were going to. When they answered fourth, I just closed my eyes and wished for the earth to slow me. I too live on the fourth floor and there are only two flats. It turns out that they have been leaving next door for the last year and half.

That is what we have become. We plod on through life looking for that big break and everything around might as well fall apart. Nothing can stop us in our quest for the riches or better life. Most of the world is in turmoil, wars are raging in the Middle East, people dying in Africa and just when we thought things could not get any worse the credit crunch came along.

I know you cannot compare the Credit Crunch with the dying in Africa, but to be honest the latter does not really affect me. The “Crunch” has become an excuse these days for anything, just like terrorism. I don’t care what you say there is no need to be rude. When I first moved to the UK, people used to queue for the bus. I thought that was great. Nobody was pushing in, everybody got in and everyone thanked the bus driver when they got out. I must admit I was very impressed. Today it is an absolute chaos. People pushes in not letting anybody get of the bus and once you are all crammed in they continue to ready the bloody newspaper even though they are resting it on your cheek. Nobody thanks the driver any more. I am still not sure if that is due to rudeness or just that the driver does not speak…..never mind

On the plus side the lift in my office building now greets me with a “Good morning” and even apologises if I have been waiting too long.


  1. Ah - now don't get me started on manners. I was raised "properly" to say 'please" and "thank you" and, against all the odds and a crumbling society, I still hold the door open to others. We seem to have forgotten the little things, the free things, the things that raise us one gene above animals and separate us from a seething, ungrateful mob. Call it civilisation, call it humanity. I prefer to just call it common sense and gratitude. Now even the machines have more manners than humans. A lift apologises, the train announcements apologise with unerring monotony and endless call centres keep us on hold to the intermittent recording of "your call is important to us".

    But I do not give up.

    I see myself as a tiny light on some far off shore. A lighthouse perhaps, guiding those of questionable morals and upbringing to safer, more gracious shores.

    Let there be light say I........

  2. I read both your posts and really looking forward to reading your future editions. Dont give up and with time it will get easier. Lookig forward to reading your thoughts!